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Ask us about "The Self Rep" program available through The Family Law Firm.

We are authorized by the Law Society of Alberta to provide support services to individuals who need legal help but are having difficulties doing so on their own; or alternatively, want professional help to advance their court matter but simply can't afford the assistance of one of our senior attorneys.

If you are self-employed, you are probably used to doing things on your own.  We get it, and this is the place for you.   

The legal system in Alberta can be complicated.  Don't rely on what you read on the internet.  Get the legal help you need to increase your chances of success in your court case. 

Court Forms and Assistance Available

Help with Legal Documents

Consultation/Strategy Meetings

Discuss your matter with us:

Student-at-Law Services

One of our "apprenticing" lawyers can attend Court with you at a fraction of the cost of one of our senior counsel.

Adjournments/Court Attendance

Can't make your court appearance - we have you covered! *

Can't make a court attendance because of work, medical or other obligations?  We can attend on your behalf so that you are not disadvantaged by failing to attend as required.  Perfect for criminal appearances or family court. Working in camp? - we are what you need to assist you right now.

Legal Aid Alberta

The Family Law Firm is happy to be a Legal Aid Alberta service provider.

Ask Legal Aid Alberta to have us appointed as your lawyers.  Increase the speed of obtaining a lawyer by telling Legal Aid that we would be happy to assist you with your matter. Call them today at 1.866.845.3425

Coming soon: The Family Law Firm Divorce Clinic

The Family Law Firm provides an interactive environment where you can sit down with a qualified professional lawyer who will walk you through, step by step, the drafting of your divorce documents.  You will receive instructions on how to draft those court forms, how to file them, how to serve them and the steps that must be followed to complete your divorce.  The Clinic is an extremely useful resource if you wish to do your Divorce yourself.  Contact us today to book and for costs.

* some conditions apply. In some instances, personal attendance is required.  Failure to attend court personally may have consequences.

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