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Photo of woman with her baby getting legal advice from a lawyer at the family law firm, the only edmonton law office offering same or next day service and video consultations.Legal problems can come up at any time - and often with little or no warning.  Yet many lawyers are unable or unwilling to see you immediately.   Some make you wait several days.  Some even expect you to wait for weeks or even a month.

Then there is The Family Law Firm.  We provide next-day - or in emergency situations - same day service, which is exactly what many of our valued clients need.

Come to us when you need help with any Family Law legal matter, including Emergency Protection Orders, Restraining Orders, Common Law Relationships, Separation, Divorce, High Conflict Divorces, Matrimonial Disputes, Complex Matrimonial Disputes, Grandparent's Rights and Access, Custody, Access, Parenting, Contact, Child Support, Spousal Support, Legal Separations, Separation Agreements, Maintenance, Maintenance Arrears or Maintenance Enforcement. 

You have questions about Alberta law. We have answers.

Q: When is the right time to hire a lawyer?
A: Going the do-it-yourself route often costs you more than hiring a professional. For example, hiring a professional mechanic could cost you $25 per hour; doing the same repair yourself could cost you $50 per hour. The same rule applies when it comes to your lawyer. The only difference is that the cost delta could be bigger. Much bigger.

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