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The moment you meet Norman and Jennifer Galarneau you will know that you have found a law firm with a difference.  There is none of the stiff formalities associated with a big corporate law firm.  The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.  And there is not a lot of confusing legal talk.   What you will get is sound counsel from court-tested lawyers who work to your schedule.

"If you contact us the day before you go into court, we can be there for you next day, regardless of the complexities in your legal matter," said Norman Galarneau.  "We have even had situations where someone approached us at 9:30 am in the morning and we accompanied them to Court just 30 minutes later."

Jennifer has the same laser focus on delivery of superior client service, regardless of the legal situation.  "I understand that people make mistakes or that bad things can happen to good people," said Jennifer.  "I never see them as a criminal.  I see them as people who need help."

One last thing.  Don't make the mistake of thinking you can be your own lawyer.  "You would not consider being your own surgeon or dentist," said Jennifer, "so why would you think that you could be your own lawyer?"

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Q: When is the right time to hire a lawyer?
A: Going the do-it-yourself route often costs you more than hiring a professional. For example, hiring a professional mechanic could cost you $25 per hour; doing the same repair yourself could cost you $50 per hour. The same rule applies when it comes to your lawyer. The only difference is that the cost delta could be bigger. Much bigger.

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