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Photo of angry couple in a high conflict divorce, a demanding area of Family Law regularly handled by the court tested lawyers at the Family Law firm, offering legal services and legal advice to individuals caught up in a high stress divorce.#1: Some divorce actions involve high levels of conflict that make it difficult to complete the divorce process.    The individuals involved often put "winning" ahead of everything else.  They are unwilling to compromise on even small issues and want nothing less than "total victory".

#2:  It takes only one unreasonable person to create a high conflict divorce.

#3:  We have successfully represented clients who were the primary drivers of conflict - and vice versa.

#4: It takes many years of experience to handle the demands and expectations of individuals involved in a High Conflict divorce.

#5: High conflict divorces cost more than low conflict divorces.

#6: In a high conflict divorce, it's not uncommon to battle in court for months and sometimes years.

#7: To protect your rights in a high conflict divorce or separation, you need a tough, experienced Family Law lawyer.

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Q: What are Legal Costs?
Legal Costs are court costs that are awarded with discretion by the Courts. In Alberta, these costs are well below what you pay to your lawyer for legal services. Legal Costs are set out (the court has the discretion to vary from these guidelines at any time) in Schedule C of the Alberta Rules of Court.

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