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Photo of prenuptial agreement document, an areas of Family Law handled by the Family Law firm, who can also offer legal advice on postnuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, prenups and postnups.#1: Everyone who has property of value prior to entering into a marriage-like relationship should consider entering into a prenuptial agreement.

#2: An Interdependent Partner Agreement shows your financial commitment to each other. 

#3: A prenuptial agreement has to be completed prior to entering into a marriage.  If you enter into a prenup after marriage, the distribution of assets will be different. 

#4: Even if you are only entering into a cohabitation agreement, there is value in having a prenuptial agreement.

#5: Protect your interests by ensuring you get legal help before signing a prenuptial agreement.

#6: Prenuptial agreements should be drafted by a skilled Family Law lawyer to avoid being at risk of losing assets you are trying to protect.

#7: A pre-nup is like an insurance policy; it ensures your assets remain yours when traumatic events happen.

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Lawyers' fees tend to vary depending on the complexity of the matter, the quality of services, and the nature of the client's needs.

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