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Photo of woman who is working on her budget and needs spousal support, an area of Family Law handled by the lawyers at The Family Law firm, who can answer your questions about spousal support and Interdepending Partner law. #1: Spousal support is one of the more complex areas of Family Law in Alberta.

#2: Spousal support is based on a variety of factors, including the length of marriage, (or relationship - if the situation falls under Alberta's Interdependent Partner legislation), the type of relationship and contributions by the parties to the relationship.

#3: Spousal support is needs based, compensatory and non-compensatory.

#4: Spousal support guidelines exist, but may or may not be considered by the court.

#5:  Having an experienced Family Law lawyer at your side is critical to obtain spousal support.

#6: Spousal support may be determined by past payments that you make to your spouse after separation.

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Q: What are Legal Costs?
Legal Costs are court costs that are awarded with discretion by the Courts. In Alberta, these costs are well below what you pay to your lawyer for legal services. Legal Costs are set out (the court has the discretion to vary from these guidelines at any time) in Schedule C of the Alberta Rules of Court.

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