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Now available!  Your opportunity to leave a treasured video memoir for your loved ones.  The Family Law Firm is now offering "your final message" as an add-on to your estate package. 

For an introductory price of $988.00 we offer up to a one-hour interview/visit with the maker of the Will.  Couples receive an introductory price of $1749.00!

This is your opportunity to have a final visit with your loved ones when you're gone.  We provide a digital device to provide with your Will that has your final thoughts and messages on video for your relatives and friends to treasure forever.  It is professionally produced, discrete, private, and personal and is sure to be treasured forever.  

Contact us now to discuss!  

photo of a family watching a final video message from a loved one, a service offered by The Family Law Firm in Edmonton, allowing you to record and share a video interview with your loved ones after you pass away

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